JNMC docs successfully treat Black Fungus patients

Aligarh: Two diabetic patients, 65-year-old, Mohal Lal and 22-year-old, Vivek suffered unilateral nasal obstruction, facial pain, swelling, numbness, blurring of vision and watery eyes soon after recovering from a bout of Covid-19. But, thanks to the early diagnosis and aggressive treatment at the Department of Otolaryngology, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University, both of them have recovered from Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis (Black Fungus).

Prof Mohd Aftab (Department of Otolaryngology), who operated them with his team and Dr Wajahat Rizvi (Department of Ophthalmology) said that early consultation resulted in the satisfactory recovery of these patients. Anaesthesia team headed by Dr Nazia Tauheed assisted the surgeries.

“Mohal Lal and Vivek underwent endoscopic procedures without any incisions, allowing for easier recovery time and less pain and discomfort. The patients are however kept under close observation as Black Fungus is a very aggressive disease,” said Prof Aftab.

Prof Aftab informed that they are receiving more patients with such cases. These patients are being operated on emergency basis. JNMC also has a post-Covid follow up OPD near the Trauma Centre Emergency.

Prof Shahid A Siddiqui (JNMC Principal) cautioned: “Covid patients can contract black fungus two or three weeks after their recovery from the virus. These cases have increased all over the country and people with symptoms specific of the fungus such as nasal congestion, nasal block, dry and black crust in nasal cavity, black spots around nose and/or eyes, redness and congestion in eyes, reduced eye ball movements, sudden diminished vision and black spots in oral cavity specially on palate should avoid self-medication, keep blood sugar level under control and must contact the doctors immediately”.

Applauding the ENT specialists for the successful surgeries, AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor said that the JNMC health workers are doing the best to stall the possibility of fungal infections by making sure that Covid patients—both in treatment and after recovery—are administered the right dose of duration of steroids.

He added that JNMC doctors are also taking care of diabetes of the discharged Covid patients with regular consultations.