JNMC doctor presents complex case of angioplasty


ALIGARH : Professor Malik M Azharuddin, Department of Cardiology, J N Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University presented a complex case of angioplasty guided by intravascular ultrasound in a PCI conclave organized by Boston Scientific.

Prof Malik said Rotablation is a technique used for stenting in calcified arteries. At the platform, he presented a very complex case of angioplasty performed at the JN Medical College by him using rotational atherectomy and results of the procedure were validated with Intravascular Ultrasound. Many eminent cardiologists from India attended the conclave.

He informed that the doctors’ team at JNMC has treated a number of patients with heavily calcified coronary arteries with rotational atherectomy, a technique which involves a drilling with diamond coated burr rotating at a high speed.

“Till now, this technique was available only at big centers in metro cities, but patients have access to all available modalities of treatment at JN Medical College”, he added.

Prof Malik said the support provided by Dr Ashok Seth and Dr Viveka Kumar was enormous as they personally visited AMU a number of times and gave us all the tips and tricks to treat the patients with utmost care and give good outcomes.

Prof M U Rabbani (Chairman, Department of Cardiology) congratulated Prof Malik for the presentation and said that these techniques of rotablation and intravascular ultrasound are being used in the Cath Lab of the JNMC for complex cases.


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