JNMC Faculty trains delegates in Raipur Airway Workshop



Aligarh : Dr S Moied Ahmed, Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, J N Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and ICU In-Charge presented updated evidence obtained from recent scientific literature and findings for Difficult Airway management in the Airway Workshop at Raipur CRITICON’22 where he was invited as the Director with colleague, Dr Abu Nadeem on September 8.

Speaking on ‘How to assess Difficult Airway’, Prof Moied pressed for continuous learning and teaching in careful airway assessment that includes a comprehensive evaluation of the predictors of difficult ventilation using a mask or an extraglottic device and difficult intubation using direct laryngoscopy or alternative intubating devices.

“We should strive to improve our strategies and techniques in managing the difficult airway using the best available clinical resources and evidence and always keep in mind that difficult intubation can be anticipated and prepared for”, he said.

Prof Moied added: “These workshops make delegates aware of the recent advancements in managing patients with Difficult Airways, upgrade their knowledge with the latest guidelines and work on new gadgets available as armamentarium of the Difficult Airway Cart.

Speaking about the emphasis which the National Medical Commission (NMC) gives on skilled based learning, he stressed: “Skills are perishable so regular training must be imparted on these techniques as delegates might forget what they see, but they will remember what they hear and understand what they do”.

Prof Moied trained a total of 36 delegates in ‘surgical airway management’ through demonstrations on models. He guided six didactic lectures and the hands-on-training on newer techniques and gadgets.

Dr Abu Nadeem delivered a lecture on ‘Percutaneous Tracheostomy’ and imparted hands-on-training on Fibreoptic Intubation.



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