JNMC observes World Alzheimer’s Day

Aligarh: Experts discussed symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, difficulty with normal tasks, mood changes, apathy and difficulty in visual or spatial understanding in the webinar and panel discussion to observe the World Alzheimer’s Day organised by the Interdisciplinary Brain Research Centre (IBRC), J N Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Indian Academy of Neuroscience (IAN), Aligarh Chapter.

Speaking on ‘Mechanism of Memory impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease’, the guest speaker, Prof Shiv Kumar Sharma (National Brian Research Centre, Manesar) threw light on genetic and environmental causes of the disease.

“On an average, one person in every three seconds in the world develops Alzheimer’s disease symptoms,” he said adding that by 2050 around 131 million people will be living with the disease.

Expert speaker, Dr Mehdi Hayat Shahi (IBRC, JNMC) emphasised how Alzheimer’s disease affects memory loss and thinking ability leaving the person in emotional trauma.

He pointed out that the disease is on a rise in the low and middle income countries.

In the presidential remarks, Prof Shahid Siddique (Principal, JNMC) suggested more awareness lectures and workshops on the topic.

Professor Rakesh Bhargava (IAN President, Aligarh Chapter) spoke on the importance of carrying out extensive research on Alzheimer’s disease.

Prof Asif Ali, Organizing Chairman of the programme and IBRC Coordinator delivered the welcome address.

Faculty members and students also interacted with the speakers in the panel discussion.

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