JNMC team trains Aligarh health workers

Aligarh: Prof Syed Moied Ahmed, Chairman, Department of Anaesthesiology, J N Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) with his team comprising Dr Syed Hussain Amir, Dr Farah Nasreen, Dr Shahna Ali and Dr Manazir Athar used their longstanding expertise and vital clinical skills to train health workers and para-medical staff of various PHC, CHC and District hospitals of Aligarh in the best resuscitation practices in view of the on-going Covid vaccination drive.

The hands-on-training in ‘First AID and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’ was provided in a one-day programme at the Collectorate Office, Aligarh.

“Participants were trained on how to resuscitate patients from anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest during Covid vaccinations. They were also trained on cardiac compression, airway management and defibrillation,” said Prof Syed Moied.

He emphasised: “As the rollout of Covid 19 vaccines picks up across the country, it is vital that the expanded vaccine sites and venues are prepared to handle rare but potentially life-threatening allergic reactions and cardiac arrests.”

In the current atmosphere, it is important to train health workers to spot the warning signs and have equipment to respond swiftly if something goes wrong, added Prof Syed Moied.

Dr B S Kalyani, Chief Medical Officer, Aligarh with 50 medical officers and para-medical staff participated in the programme.

IAS officer, Chandra Bhushan Singh (District Magistrate, Aligarh), Ananya Jha (CDO) and Prof Harris Mansoor Khan (MS, JNMC) also attended the programme.


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