Job Cards to Migrant Labourers and Employed Workers

New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi NREGS is a demand driven wage employment scheme. Every adult member of a household in a rural area, having job card (as per Mahatma Gandhi NREG Act), is eligible for a demand for a job under the scheme. There is no provision to register a Job card holder categorised as migrant labourers/ family in the job card in the scheme. A job card can be issued to a migrant labour/family as per the provision of the Act against a demand by the migrant labour/family. A total of 86,81,928 new job card during the current FY so far, has been issued as compared to 36,64,368 new job card issued during the same period of the FY 2019-20. The details of job card issued is given atAnnexure-I.

State-wise details of persondays generated and total wage expenditure during 1st April to 12th September, 2020 under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA are given atAnnexure-II.

Mahatma Gandhi NREGS is a demand driven wage employment scheme. The Act mandates to provide for the enhancement of livelihood security of the household in rural areas of the country by assuring upto one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual works. The adult member of every household residing in any rural area and willing to do unskilled manual work may submit the names, age and the address of the household to the Gram Panchayat at the village level, in whose jurisdiction they reside, for registration of their household for issuance of a job card. No data of past employment history is maintained under Mahatma GandhiNREGS.

This information was given in a written reply by the Union Minister of Rural Development& Panchayati Raj Shri Narendra Singh Tomar in Rajya Sabha today.


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