Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA in cooperation with IIHMR University inaugurates its 9th Cohort of Master of Public Health

Jaipur : IIHMR University, Jaipur in cooperation with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), Baltimore, USAE-Inaugurated Cohort 9 of the admired international postgraduate degree program, Master of Public Health (MPH). The MPH program has been designed by leveraging the core strength of JHSPH and IIHMR University, to meet the needs of Indian students as well as those confronting public health changes in the Southeast Asian Region.

The overreaching goal of the two-year academic session is to provide students with critical multidisciplinary training to help them solve global public health problems.In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, where millions of students across the globe have been driven out of their university spaces the two Universities tried to lay special emphasis on practical training, whereby the students are required to conduct a significant practicum experience in population-based health before graduation.The Johns Hopkins University’s MPH curriculum is delivered jointly by distinguished faculties of JHSPH and IIHMR University with an aims to develop students’ competencies in core areas of public health and management.

Dr. Marie Diener -West, Chair-Master of Public Health Program John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA while congratulating the students and the faculty members conveyed her greetings for a program of Cohort 9. She said, “With the partnership of two esteemed universities for the Global MPH program which encourages representing the best for the graduates, for the necessary skills and competencies not only in public health but also special expertise and knowledge in health management.”Dr.Merie expressed her gratitude for being associated with the University’s partnership to confer the bright minds who will shape the future of our ecosystem. With the need for newer and brighter ideas, the faculty members of IIHMR University had the vision to anticipate for such a program to empower knowledge, values and enlighten the needs of their graduates.

During the inaugural, Dr.DK Mangal, Professor, Advisor (SDGSPH), IIHMR University, congratulated the people who give it a thought to establish the prestigious collaborative program between the JHSPH, USA, and IIHMR University. He said that this prestigious program took around years to design and establish, and today, it has come out to be a successful program. Dr. Mangal further mentioned how students from different countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Maldives have passed out from this program and are working in the field of public health.

Dr. VinodKumar SV, Professor, and Dean- Inchargeof SDGupta School of Public Health stated that the academic session between the two prestigious universities – JHSPH and IIHMR University encourages the students to benefit from Johns Hopkins’ accomplishment of excellence in teaching public health and IIHMR’s health management track record of expertise

Dr.Goipnath T Sambandam, State Cardio-Vascular Health Officer, World Health Organization (WHO) the alumnus of the MPH program working at the World Health Organization (WHO) also addressed the students and highlighted how the JHSPH faculty will work with IIHMR faculty to tailor the content of JHSPH core courses to deliver core competencies of the program.

Dr. Seema Mehta, Faculty Incharge, Master of Public Health Program, (IIHMR University, Jaipur), concluded the ceremony with a vote of thankswith a message that the university since 2013, has always excelled in guiding the students with the opportunities and pioneering contributions to research, education, and training in the areas of health management and public health. The University is a national leader in these domains over the years.