Joint Director (JSK) reviews performance of education department in Samba District



JAMMU : Joint Director (JSK), Subah Mehta, on Saturday visited Samba to take stock of the educational activities in the District in wake of the implementation of the NEP-2020.

On the onset of her visit, she took a review of the CEO office Samba. All the Zonal Education Officers of the District were present. They apprised the meeting about the functioning of their respective zones.

During the meeting with the officers, Subah Mehta reiterated her stand of improving the school education system and stressed upon improving the work culture in the office and to fix the responsibility and accountability of teaching faculty of the department. She overwhelmingly emphasized on rating the teachers’ Performance on the Employees Performance Monitoring (EPM) Portal mainly on the basis of performance/ achievement of the students in the school.

She stressed upon improving the Mid-Day Meal scheme and its judicious use for benefitting the students by meeting their nutritional requirements.

The Chief Education officer along with the ZEOs were instructed to improve the enrolment in the schools by organizing special enrolment drives.

To raise the standards of the schools, involvement of Mentor-Teachers with impeccable qualities in guiding the students for their better future was invoked by her. The Chief Education Officer and ZEOs were directed to monitor the ongoing infrastructure projects for its completion in a time bound manner.

Further, she conducted surprise inspections of GGHSS Sarore, GHSS Jakh in Zone Bishnah and other schools in the vicinity to know about the problems being faced by the students/staff.

During the interaction with the staff and students, she directed the Hols to organize staff meetings and monitor the weekly lecture plans of the teachers for its better application and raising the learning standards of the students.

Joint Director (JSK) Subah Mehta also stressed upon improving the learning process by adopting the best learning techniques. She emphasized the teachers to create a depository of the study material to be utilized by the needy students. She also showed her concern to conduct the class tests on a regular basis in the schools to improve the learning outcomes among the students.

She instructed the teachers to ensure the use of Teaching Learning Material (TLMs) in their teaching process and to identify the slow achievers and undertake the extra/remedial classes for improving their learning abilities. She also instructed the school authorities to make optimum utilization of library and ICT labs in order to make the learning process joyful for them.

The initiative of organizing the PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) in the schools under the guidance of the Hols was applauded by the Joint Director and CEO, Samba, Jaswant Singh.


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