JSW Earth Care Awards honours Maharashtra Forest Department for Innovation in Climate Action

Mumbai: The Digital Forest Governance Project of Maharashtra Forest Department was honoured with the JSW Earth Care Awards or its impact in the fight against deforestation.

The Maharashtra Forest Department has adopted a cohesive approach to fight deforestation by implementing technological interventions across the process chain from plantation planning to post plantation survival monitoring. Intensive use of Information and Communication Technology supplemented by e-governance has been used to monitor ongoing forestry activities. The tech interventions have helped project a true picture of forest conservation.

Commenting on the project, The PCCF – Maharastra Forest Dept said, “I feel honoured to receive the 9th JSW Earth Care Award under the category ‘Innovation in Climate Change’ on behalf of the Maharashtra Forest Department. It inspires us to further our commitment to mitigate the impact of climate change through concerted action. I would really like to thank JSW, Times of India, the eminent panel of jury headed by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar and every internal and external stakeholder who were directly or indirectly involved in the plantation program as well as making and functioning of our Digital Forest Governance Model, we would also be sharing our experiences and technology insights for its replication by other agencies.”

The Earth Care Awards recognize locally evolved climate-friendly practices in the production and consumption regimes across multiple sectors with special focus on climate change. It recognizes, verifies, and promotes the replicable initiatives and interventions on the greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reduction, natural resource conservation, energy efficiency improvement, development and promotion of innovative eco-friendly alternatives across various sectors of development. JSW partners this initiative with Benneton Coleman & Company Ltd.