New Delhi: JSW Foundation has joined hands with Ballari District Administration to convert Jindal Sanjeevani Multi-Specialty Hospital (JSMSH) managed run by JSW Foundation into a full-fledged COVID-19 care Hospital. It has started treating asymptomatic or moderate cases of positive Coronavirus patients of Ballari & adjoining villages. All other premorbid and critical COVID-19 patients are being referred to District Hospital for treatment.

This dedicated 82 bedded Jindal Sanjeevani Multi-Specialty Hospital includes 75 regular beds and seven ICU beds. It is equipped with all the required infrastructure, bio-medical equipment such as ventilators, pacemakers, dialysis machine and patient monitoring devices to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 infected patients.

As part of the understanding between JSW and Ballari District Administration, Jindal Sanjeevani Multi-Specialty Hospital is completely manned by the doctors, specialists, nurses and paramedic team at Jindal Sanjeevani. The overall expenses incurred on the patients are also being absorbed by the Hospital. The Ballari District Administration oversees the Hospital’s functioning. Jindal Sanjeevani Multi-Specialty Hospital has been following the guidelines issued by District Administration for the treatment of COVID-19 patient. Under the guidance of Govt Health Officials and District Administration, Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital is adhering to the standard operating procedures and necessary protocols that are being mandated to treat the COVID-19 patients along with the prerequisite of biosafety & biosecurity level of compliance.

JSW Foundation has also offered District Administration to covert its OP Jindal Vocational Training Centre into a COVID-19 Centre to provide additional capacity for treating patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19. Currently, OP Jindal Vocational Training Centre has been converted into an ‘Isolation Centre’ for the COVID-19 suspected cases. JSW Foundation is awaiting the approval from Ballari District Administration to convert into a COVID-19 Centre.