JSW Sports announces tie-up with AISTS India ; Sports Wing of The JSW Group to Offer Sports Management Courses Through Partnership


Mumbai: JSW Sports, on Monday, announced a partnership with renowned Sports Masters Education institute, Académie Internationale des Sciences et Techniques du Sport (AISTS), to offer Post Graduate Certificate courses and Executive Education Programs in Sports Management in India.


“AISTS India is delighted to partner with JSW Sports in its efforts to make available the world’s best sports education to as many of our young students in order to help them harness the power of their passion for sport. JSW has built one of the most credible, admired and successful sports brands across disciplines and will add enormously to making the courses at AISTS India more experientially rewarding,” said Ranveet Gill, co-founder and CEO of New Horizons Alliance, the company responsible for bringing the program down to India.


Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, AISTS is the leading Sports Masters Education institute in the world, and counts the International Olympic Committee, IMD Business School, Ecole Hoteliere and EPFL among its highly distinguished founders. AISTS has, through NHA, opened its doors in India to offer a 12 month Post Graduate Certificate Program in Sports Management and Technology and a 45-day Executive Education Program in Sports Management.


“At JSW Sports, our commitment to Indian sport goes beyond the realm of just arenas and pitches. We are equally keen on ensuring that we are able to give students the opportunity to pursue a career in sport through education, and our partnership with AISTS India, is a first step in that direction. Through NHA, we hope to bring more such meaningful avenues to those keen on studying sport and the workings of it,” said Mustafa Ghouse, CEO, JSW Sports.


JSW Sports’ strategic partnership with AISTS India will help market its world leading education to the sports fraternity in India and to those who feel committed to making Indian sport globally competitive. This partnership opens several exciting opportunities to strengthen India’s sports culture and build enlightened managers for the world of tomorrow.


For more information, click on the following link – https://www.jsw.in/sports/education