JTFRP organises Training Programme on Decision Support System in Rajouri


RAJOURI : One day training programme on DSS (Decision Support System)- a latest scientific web based GIS (Geographic Information System) tool developed under the World Bank funded Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project for scientific and efficient management of emergency situations was today organised for the District level Officers of Rajouri District.

DSS (Decision Support System) is a web-based tool used for management of emergency situations to provide seamless coordination between SEOC (State Emergency Operation Centre) DEOC (District Emergency Operation Centre) and different functional departments during emergencies. It also helps in allocation of resources as part of preparedness and helps in generating various status reports required for prompt decision making.

During the course of the daylong training programme, the experts gave demonstrations of the web-based and mobile-based applications and also provided hands-on training to the District level Officers/ Officials about the functioning of these applications. Detailed presentations were also made by the experts about the various modules of the Decision Support System.

The participants were given hands-on training about the Decision Support System mobile application which is used for incident reporting and raising alarm from the incident location. Experts also explained participants about the various IT based solutions that will help in building effective coordination between the line departments while monitoring the situation from a central location – District Control Room.

Benefits of the DSS in effective handling of the incidents at the district level, scientific management of resources and in streamlining the coordination at the district control room were also shared during the training programme.

Experts said that the DSS developed under the World Bank funded JTFRP can also provide weather warning alerts which will help the District administration to take timely preventive measures to reduce impacts of the impending Disasters.

With an objective of Strengthening the Disaster Management Capacity in the Union Territory of J&K, various web-based tools viz. DSS (Decision Support System) IOFS (Integrated Operational Forecasting System) DRDB (Disaster Risk Database) have been developed under the World Bank funded Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project for the scientific and accurate forecasting of natural disasters like Floods, Flash Floods, Avalanches and Landslides in the Natural Disaster prone Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir & Ladakh .

A consultancy firm namely RMSI private limited has been engaged by JTFRP for conducting a study on the MHRA (Multihazard Risk Assessment) and for the development of the various web based forecasting systems and for imparting the trainings to the officers of the concerned line Depts at the District level.


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