Kalinga Literary Festival celebrated Hindi Divas; hosted two KLF Bhava Samvad session in association with Rajkamal Prakashan, Eka Westland

New Delhi: Kalinga Literary Festival celebrated the pride of Hindi literature on the occasion of Hindi Divas on KLF Bhava Samvad. The online program had invited literary figures Vandana Rag, Chandan Pandey, Akshay Mukul, Prabhat Ranjan on 14th and 15th September respectively. Both the session organised in collaboration with Rajkamal Prakashan, Eka Westland.

Speaking about the emergence of contemporary Hindi literature, writer Chandan Pandey opines that the style of writing could be worse, but if it is literature, it will remain that.

“Comparing literature with the style and trend of news and newspaper is never welcoming. It is like questioning on the writing,” says Chandan.

Writer Vandana Rag adds to it by saying, “We should not set limits for contemporary writing according to the society or societal norms. Contemporary writing of literature is not something that ends with an era. It is an ongoing thing that continues in different forms.

On the other note, renowned litterateur Akshay Mukul has spoken about the legacy of Hindi literature in the pre and post independence era. Stating on its evolution, he said, “Creativity in literature should be open to appreciation and criticism. Both make a writer or a poet grow with his content.

The concept of creativitity never relies upon any medium. It paves its own ways in order to reach to the audience or readers. Literature should be liberated from the concept religion. Confining it within boundaries limits the wings,” says Akshay Mukul.

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