Kalinga Literary Festival hosted ‘Patna Blues’ author Abdullah Khan, ‘Playful’ book author Dr. Chetan Ginigeri at KLF Bhava Samvad

New Delhi: Kalinga Literary Festival hosted authors Dr. Chetan Ginigeri and Abdullah Khan on Sunday 27th September in two consecutive sessions on the online platform KLF Bhava Samvad.

In the first session, Dr. Chetan Ginigeri spoke about his book ‘Playful’. The book is based on child safety. “The book all about accountability and responsibilities of child injuries illustrated in folk and colourful way. The plot is targeted at modern day parents,” he said in conversation with Dr. CP Ravi Kumar.

He also concerned about development issues, speech delays, behaviour issues due to excessive use of internet. “Parents are the role models, not social media,” he opined.

The next followed session with Abdullah Khan who had authored the book ‘Patna Blues’. Speaking about it he expressed, “The fictional incidents in the book are inspired by real life incidents. Lost life due to failure in pursuit of dream should not be the purpose.”

He gives a glimpse of his roots by saying, “I know more about Dashavatar, Puranas, than an avarage Hindu as I come from a mixed society. My grandmother was a very religious person and I was very close to her.”

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