Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) Bhava Samvad hosted Indus Researcher and Writer R. Balakrishnan

Bhubaneswar: On Saturday 4 July, 2020, KLF Bhava Samvad hosted Indus Researcher and Writer R. Balakrishnan. The session on ‘The ‘Idea Of India’ And The Metaphor Of Rain Forest’ was moderated by author and journalist Kedar Mishra at 6 pm.

The author Balakrishnan said that his definition of India speaks about his journey of learning and understanding the country’s true colour and essence.

He goes on explaining about the usage of metaphors and their relevance to coexistence. “Melting Pot’ is metaphorically used to represent diversity of society and multiculturalism. Its a process of becoming ‘one’. A salad bowl exemplifies the amalgamation of multiple things. Here, equity is not organic, but beautifully articulated. In Odisha, pluralism is celebrated and not tolerated,” he says.

Koraput has been a great source of knowledge for Balakrishnan. Expressing his gratitude he says, “I am sincerely grateful to the tribal heritage of Odisha in Koraput. I can proudly say that Koraput region is an example and essence of India and Indian pluralism which enriched my learning.”

KLF Bhava Samvad is a small step to regenerate the literary spirit at the time of disillusionment and new normal.

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