Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: New meeting place with science in Karlsruhe: TRIANGEL Open Space is opened

Experience the latest science up close, talk to smart founders or just enjoy a coffee – citizens can do all this in the TRIANGEL Open Space of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on Kronenplatz. The new innovation, start-up and transfer center, in which science, business and society have been coming together since last year, is only now being officially opened due to the corona virus. From Thursday, May 18th to Saturday, May 21st, the TRIANGEL Opening Week is full of knowledge and visions with keynote speeches, discussion rounds, exhibitions, art and culture.

“As a research university in the Helmholtz Association, we create and impart knowledge for society and the environment. Therefore, the exchange with the citizens of Karlsruhe is very important to us,” says the President of the KIT, Professor Holger Hanselka. “Due to the short distances and the location in the heart of the city, we strengthen the exchange between scientists, students and start-ups of the KIT with the people of Karlsruhe and our partners from business and society.”

Opening week with exciting information from research

During the opening week, the TIL:FESTIVAL, there is a lot to discover in the TRIANGEL: Interactive exhibits from science, keynote speeches, discussion rounds and a keynote on the topic “Understanding and shaping futures”. “#TIL stands for Today I Learned…, i.e. the impulse to learn, to discover new things and to broaden your own perspective. This spirit of discovery represents KIT as a place of dialogue with society,” explains Professor Thomas Hirth, Vice President for Transfer and International Affairs at KIT.

In addition to exhibitions that make scientific topics tangible for everyone, innovation teams and start-ups can get direct feedback for their ideas and prototypes in the TRIANGEL in exchange with the public. The open space also offers space for workshops, lectures, readings, panel discussions and cabaret. A café creates space to network in a feel-good atmosphere, to develop innovative ideas or simply to relax with a drink.

The Stifterverband named the TRIANGEL Open Space a university pearl in April 2022 . The joint initiative of companies and foundations to promote education, science and innovation distinguishes “future-oriented learning spaces”.

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