Karnataka Govt announces 12th edition of Biotech Quiz as a part of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020

Bangalore: The Dept. of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T Government of Karnataka is all set to launch the 23rd edition of the flagship event, ‘Bengaluru Tech Summit’ (BTS) from November 19th to 21st, 2020.

Following the theme of ‘Next is Now’, the digital event will focus on innovations and dialogues across cutting-edge technologies through various segments. The BioQuiz contest at BTS is an important highlight of the event. It is also India’s only State Level Quiz on Biotechnology. The quiz aims to create awareness about the exciting world of Biotechnology and encourage students to delve deeper into the subject. BioQuiz is a platform to showcase the talent of Karnataka in the field of Biotechnology and the contest is open to all undergraduate students from colleges across the state. Students will have to apply online on the website (https://events.skillablers.com/bioquiz2020 ) to take up the online quiz on their own devices. Registration is open till 28th October, 2020.


The quiz consists of 3 rounds conducted virtually and students will be categorised region wise (6 zones). The winners of six zonal rounds will participate in the virtual mega final for the coveted award.

· Round 1 : Preliminary online test (1st Nov. 2020)

· Round 2 : Zonal final amongst qualified students from round 1 (6th, 7th and 8th Nov. 2020)

· Round 3 : Mega Final amongst 6 winners from the six zones (10th Nov, 2020)

All the finalists will be awarded certificates. The top three winners will receive cash prizes. The finals of the BioQuiz will be streamed on 20th Nov. 2020 at Bengaluru Tech Summit virtual summit, showcasing the young talent of Karnataka.


Registration Link- https://events.skillablers.com/bioquiz2020

E-Mail: enquiry@bengalurutechsummit.com