Karunya – Multipurpose disinfection chamber “ KaViD” for providing solutions to COVID 19


Biotechnologists of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Deemed University,Karunyanagar,Coimbatore have designed and fabricated a multipurpose disinfection chamber “ KaViD” for providing solutions to COVID 19 related issues in daily domestic lives of people. This chamber is a user friendly gadget very similar to an oven for disinfecting the surfaces of the day to day use items that are brought home from outside like fruits, vegetables, grocery packets, milk pouches , car keys, currencies, Wallets,,handbags,masks, etc. The chamber works on the principle of Ultra Violet( UV) light disinfection. The germicidal activity of the UVc light denatures the microbes both bacteria, fungi and viruses when exposed at 260 nm in the chamber over a stipulated time and ensures safety in handling of these contaminated items and thus protects the people from infection from the deadly virus.. The scientists have tested the utility of this device in the microbiology laboratory of the University and confirmed significant reduction in the microbial load on the specimens of the items tested. With the pandemic of COVID Virus playing havoc among people, the new KaViD chamber designed by the department of Biotechnology is a boon to households as it ensures complete safety against the aerosol borne pathogenic microorganism while people stay safe at home. The chamber is currently available as house hold and industrial variants. The University has tied up with a manufacturer to proceed with commercial production based on the demand and is available at affordable cost. The Chancellor Dr.Paul Dhinakaran and VC Dr.P.Mannar Jawahar appreciated the team.