Kashmir students, teachers and army officers visit AMU on Capacity Building Tour


Aligarh: Twenty students from Jammu and Kashmir visited the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) as a part of a Capacity Building Tour organised by the Indian Army to improve awareness levels in the students of the state.

These students were accompanied by two teachers and an army staff of 29 Rashtriya Rifles personnel which included officer, Maj Rajeev Ranjan Rai, a JCO and three NCOs.

The delegation met the AMU Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof M H Beg, who presented a memento to Maj Rajeev Ranjan.

The touring students, teachers and army personnel paid tributes at AMU founder, Sir Syed Ahmad’s grave after their breakfast at the UGC HRDC Guest House in the University. Prof (Maj) Farid Mahdi, Maj M Israil and Lt Najaf Ali Khan of NCC, AMU accompanied the delegation on their visit to the University Mosque and Sir Syed’s grave.

The Capacity Building Tour was taken to the sightseeing of Strachey Hall and Victoria Gate in the Sir Syed Hall, South premises and later attended a lecture at the Sir Syed House on ‘Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’ by Dr Mohibul Haq from the Department of Political Science.

A special highlight of the tour was the visit to the Musa Dakri Museum. Eliciting positive response, the visiting students said, “We visited the museum with curiosity for arts and history and it was an enriching experience as the museum took us back in time to the ancient eras of human development and civilization.”

The delegation also visited the Maulana Azad Library, Cultural Education Centre, Kennedy Hall, Games Committee Office, NCC AMU Complex and the Aligarh Fort. They had lunch at the New Guest House, the evening tea at the NCC Complex and their dinner at the UGC HRDC.