Kathua Schools celebrate Guru Ravidas Jayanti


KATHUA: Several Government Schools across Kathua district today celebrated Guru Ravidas Jayanti by holding a series of activities highlighting the work and teachings of the great spiritual Guru.

Several schools of the district, despite being a holiday, opened to pay homage to the great spiritual guru and celebrate his birth anniversary.

A number of activities were organized & attended by a surprisingly huge number of teachers & students in various schools of the district with due adherence to COVID SOPs and observance of COVID Appropriate Behavior.

Among different activities, the ‘Doha Recitals’ & ‘Poster making’ were the main highlights.

Several teachers & students also spoke on the life & work of Guru Ravidas. The impact of learning the use of social media was also clearly visible as many participants shared their contributions virtually.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on Magh Purnima, the full moon day in the month of Magh.

People across the country, especially in the North , celebrate this special occasion as a mark of respect to the great saint & one of the founders of Bhakti Movement.

The devotees take a dip in holy rivers to express their devotion towards the Guru. Guru Ravidas is known as a spiritual man and also as a social reformer for his work against caste system.

P.L. Thapa, CEO Kathua extended his greetings to the educationists & students. He also shared a quote ““The teachings of Guru never fail. His word never goes wrong. He is the true source of light” by Guru Ravidas & said that despite being quite simple worded, it explains the role & significance of a teacher beautifully & amply. He also emphasized that after a long gap,” We have got this opportunity to re-open the schools & bring the required alignment in academic practices. Therefore, responsible & educated citizens should take utmost care in following COVID safe procedures & follow the issued guidelines so that we are able to keep the schools functioning & the students may not suffer any more.”


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