Keka aims for a massive expansion; currently targeting South East Asian and the European market

Keka aims to double its 4800+ customers’ count by 2024

New Delhi: A leading HRMS provider in India, Keka is all set to venture in the international market. Currently, the company is creating a buzz in the Gulf countries with a good number of customers achieved in Dubai. With this strategy, it aims to tread this path further to tackle the HR challenges of all the countries worldwide. The organization believes it is the right time for an expansion as according to them, their product has reached a stage where it will be appropriate for organizations around the globe to benefit from it. The features offered by Keka fit the necessities of companies that are looking for an HRMS partner.

Elucidating on the plans, Mr. Barun Mallik, Marketing Strategy & Operation said, “Our team has enabled this through the array of updates and advancements in this field. We hope that this global expansion move will help increase our wingspan.” Though the market requirement of their solution is big, the company plans to cater to the South East Asian and the European market initially. Talking about the expansion plans and strategy, they said, “We aim to expand geographically in a phased manner.”

Currently, Keka serves 4800+ customers and with this expansion, the company aims to double the figure by 2024 with 30-40% international clients. However, with every step towards a bigger accomplishment comes its own share of hurdles. “We are aware that we will have to face a lot of challenges during this development. We are actively looking at solving them come what may as we are confident of our team’s calibre. Our team is our strength and we look forward to leveraging this. We are also welcoming partners to get connected with Keka and join us in the journey.”

About Keka:

Keka is a modern-day HRMS provider that allows Human Resource professionals to focus on the core assets of the company- its employees- and leave the tedious and mundane tasks to its software. Since its go-to-market in 2016, the company has enabled 4800+ organizations to put HR challenges to sleep to boost employee experience and ultimately, the business growth.