Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed khan speaks on Duties and Responsibilities of the citizen in Nation Building

Hyderabad: His Excellency the Hon’ble Governor of Kerala Mr. Arif Mohammed Khan participated in an interactive session on Duties and Responsibilities of the citizen in Nation Building in Hyderabad today. This was the first ever session which was hosted by Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan Managing Director MAK projects as a step to create better consciousness about our duties and build India as a great nation.

His Excellency the Hon’ble Governor of Kerala Shri Arif Mohammed khan mentioned that all citizens should contribute towards our country’s growth and development. We should work towards creating India as one of the most powerful Developed nations of the world. We as responsible citizens need to take the initiative of contributing to the progress and welfare of the nation.

This initiative is purely to involve the citizens of our country in Nation Building. It is a campaign to involve our countrymen in taking initiative and responsibility towards the Growth, Development & welfare of our country. Each person can contribute as per one’s potential which can be in the form of time, money, services- individually or collectively. Building homes for poor, constructing toilets in rural areas, distributing food clothing and medicines to the needy and poor are few such initiatives one can take individually or as a group.

Nation Building is the process to improve and sustain the social, economic, cultural and political welfare of the people. This can be measured by the provision of basic social amenities like qualitative education, effective and sufficient production of food, qualitative and affordable health services, effective communications system, good and efficient transportation system, steady and uninterrupted power supply along with improving other indices such as employment or jobs opportunities for the young population etc. It is every persons responsibility to contribute towards the building of Nation and its assets.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan said “I would like to thank His Excellency Hon’ble Governor of Kerala Shri Arif Mohammed Khan for accepting our invitation for coming to Hyderabad and addressing the first session on ‘Duties and Responsibilities of the citizen in Nation Building’, and inspiring us to take the initiative to serve our country based on our capacity and make a positive impact in its growth and development. I am also thankful to the distinguished guests who took time out from their busy schedule and participated in this session. This session is just the beginning. After Hyderabad we would be conducting these sessions in other cities like Delhi- Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. We have plans to make it a global movement and conduct such Interactive sessions/ programs in initially in Middle East and North America”.

“Our next sessions would be held in Delhi and then in Dubai before the end of this year 2019. It is time for us to rise to the call of our nation and do our bit for our country and countrymen”. Mr. Nawab Mir Nasir Ali Khan added.