Key political luminaries come together under one roof for a Policy Conclave to deliberate on ‘Road to General Elections 2019’

Hyderabad: The PGP students led Public Policy Club of Indian School of Business is organising a daylong Policy Conclave on the theme “Road to 2019: Dialogue for Progress” on February 22, 2019 at its Hyderabad campus.

The objective of the conclave is to bring in different perspectives together discussing the issues of youth. As part of the conclave, the organisers have crowd-sourced the opinions of youth on the issues they feel should be addressed as part of the 2019 election party manifestos. Leaders from major political parties have been invited to the conclave to address these issues.

Speakers who will be speaking at the conclave include:

Shri Ram Madhav, National General Secretary, BJP
Shri Vinay Prabhakar Sahasrabuddhe, MP, Rajya Sabha & National Vice President, BJP
Shri Feroze Varun Gandhi, MP, Lok Sabha, BJP
Smt K Kavita, MP, Lok Sabha, TRS
Shri Jayadev Galla, MP, Lok Sabha, TDP
Shri Midhun Reddy, MP, YSRCP
Shri K Vishweshwar Reddy, MP, INC
Smt Divya Spandana, Chairperson, Social media, INC
Shri Balasubrahmanyam Kamarsu, Secretary, BJP Parliamentary Party

The conclave will also host Shri Ashwani Lohani, CMD, Air India to share his thoughts on the subject.