Khabri App’s COVID-19 helpline assists over 30K visually impaired during Lockdown in 30 days

New Delhi : Khabri, India’s fastest growing Hindi digital audio content platform, has announced successful 1-month completion of its #VoiceofBlnds Campaign – an exclusive COVID-19 helpline portal/platform to address the needs of India’s blind and visually impaired population during this pandemic. Starting from April 8, 2020, the platform has received over 30K queries till date and currently receiving 2000-2200 queries every day.

The majority of queries (60%) came from Maharashtra, the worst affected state in the country with over 15,000 cases. Around 80% of the total queries were for grocery and food, whereas 19% of the queries were for getting financial help.

Through this initiative, Khabri has lent a helping hand to the blind masses while raising awareness about coronavirus. Providing expert assistance around medical, psychological, social and financial aspects, the company has also welcomed government bodies and corporate houses to be a part of the VoiceofBlnd Campaign by contributing their bit either in the form of donations or any other help they can render.

Sharing his insights, Mr Sandeep Singh, President and Co-founder, Khabri, commented, “Although the coronavirus crisis has upended the lives of many, it has far-reaching effects on the blind. The social distancing measures have posed a new set of challenges for blind people who mostly rely on physical touches and other senses to stay connected. A large percentage of India’s blind population has also been financially impacted, struggling to make ends meet. Against this backdrop, our helpline portal has received an overwhelming response from the community of visually impaired and blind. Some of the calls were highly emotional and depressing at the same time and the helplessness of the people in distress was very tragic. Some of them were in desperate need for life saving drugs, others had family disturbances where counselling was needed and yes financial and ration help were top priorities. We feel fortunate that we were able to solve most of the queries remotely while in some cases actual doctors were required, regarding which we could not do much”.

Khabri has also launched a dedicated content channel, live counselling session and a celebrity-led talk show to further its commitment towards empowering the blind community across India.