Kickstarting UNESCO’s New Training and Grants Programme

UNESCO New Delhi, together with its partners, launched a new social cohesion training and grants programme today that targets community actors working with youth in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

The series, called “Harnessing Youth Action for Social Cohesion,” will be conducted within the framework of UNESCO’s programming that promotes resilience and peaceful coexistence, and aims to provide new methodologies and tools for stakeholders working with young people.

The training programme, designed as a Training of Trainers, will in turn introduce various dimensions to strengthening social cohesion and socio-emotional resilience, including educational approaches, sports, legal literacy, dialogue, and critical media skills.

Having completed the series, the 400 participants, consisting of teachers, educators, public officials, and faith leaders, will be supported in applying new interventions and methodologies within their communities, schools, universities and grass roots organizations in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Participants involved in the series will also gain access to UNESCO’s technical support mechanism and a ‘Community of Practice’.

At the end of the programme, a grants mechanism will be available to provide small-scale funding to selected participants who showcase the most promising and effective community interventions.

Through this programme, UNESCO aims to respond to new and growing challenges to social cohesion, including mistrust and hateful speech, that have particularly intensified the vulnerabilities of young people.


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