Kid Sync” an initiative by JOSH foundation an NGO empowering hearing impaired children!

Josh foundation has taken the initiative of organizing a musical evening on 22nd February at Deenanath Mangeshkar Auditorium, Ville Parle (East). The event is titled “Kidsync- Kahani Nagmo ki Zubani”, sponsored by Giriraj Travels and designed by Swar Aalap. Here professional singers like Madan Shukla, Nilesh Thakkar, Uday Kaji, Priyanka Mitra, Sarvesh Mishra will be performing for the initiative. The highlight of the event is that hearing-impaired children will give a few performances from the stage.

JOSH is a movement founded by eminent ENT surgeon Dr. Jayant Gandhi and a renowned audiologist Devangi Dalal. They have always believed, more than 95% of children who are hearing impaired have some residual hearing. Josh foundation provides them with the quality digital hearing aid as per their need. Till today Josh has provided 1200 underprivileged with a digital hearing aid. They also believe that digital hearing aid, along with special training provided to them, most of these children can hear and speak as normal as any other individual. This year along with Swar Aalap, Josh has organized a musical program for hearing impaired kids for creating awareness about hearing impairment.

Speaking about the relation of music with the cause, Devangi Dalal, co-founder of JOSH foundation said, “Music has a kind of energy, a feeling in it which can be drawn from it. Thus, hearing impaired children not only feel hum and hop but with the help of digital hearing aid they can hear the beats and enjoy the music.

Talking about the event, Dr. Jayant Gandhi, founder of Josh foundation said, “Hearing impaired children don’t require sympathy but strong support. These children are not handicapped and can achieve every goal of life like a normal individual with a proper digital hearing aid and training. We want to see that these children are not isolated, but are included in our normal society and have a great career in the future.

Talking about the concept, Dinesh Ghate Jain, founder of Swar Aalap said, “It’s our honor to work with Josh foundation who runs on such great cause. I always wanted to plan something like this where we could combine such beautiful talent under one roof. Swar Aalap has always believed that music could be the best medium for creating some magic like this and I’m glad we got such opportunity.”

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