KidZania Delhi NCR and Oxfam India join hands to increase awareness and make kids socially responsible


Delhi: KidZania Delhi NCR, a Global Indoor Theme Park, joins hands with Oxfam India, an international charitable organization empower children to better understand social issues so that in the future they can be responsible citizens and create a positive impact in society.
KidZania inspires, educates & empowers children, helping them understand & manage their world better. With an on-going CSR program “Kids for a Cause” KidZania focusses on building community connect and inculcating social responsibility amongst its visitors. Keeping this effort in mind, KidZania Delhi NCR has a dedicated establishment ‘Charitable Organization Institute’ which gives kids an opportunity to conduct various awareness campaigns on-ground as a part of regular activities.
In the 45 day long partnership between KidZania Delhi NCR and Oxfam India, visiting children will be encouraged to role-playas volunteers at OxfamIndia activity zone and will be responsible to build awareness about the Right to Education amongst other visitors. Through this activity kids will get to understand the concept of charity work, fundraising and that every child deserves the right to education and an equal chance to succeed.
What better place for this partnerships than KidZania – where kids are in-charge!!

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Viraj Jit Singh, CMO, KidZania India said:“Kids today are socially conscious and willing to be responsible to create positive impact on society. At KidZania we are always looking at partnerships that create opportunities for children to become role-models and learn how to contribute to society, even at a young age. Oxfam India is renowned for its work towards bringing sustainable changes in people’s lives and we are proud to have them as our partners.”
Speaking on this partnership, Ms. Nisha Agrawal, Oxfam India CEO said: “Education is the right forall and not a privilege for few, yet in India 60 lakh children are out of school. It is important for children to understand the struggle of millions to get access to this right. KidZania offers a unique ‘edutainment experience’ to kids which when united with a social cause becomes a powerful tool to create change makers in the society. We hope this partnership willmobilize our future generations to care and contribute towards change in the world.”