KidZania Mumbai organizes mommy Summit 2019 on the eve of Mother’s Day

New Delhi: Wonder-womans and Super-mans, mothers are no less than all our superheroes, combined. With the percentage of working women on the rise, there is hardly any difference in the number of hardships these women have to face. Having a career after becoming a mom is indeed tough, having to balance your family life, your professional life, while battling the constant guilt and taunts that are an addition to your work stresses, cannot be an easy job.

With five phenomenal women on the panel, KidZania along with Mompreneur circle, decided to host a discussion, about the hardships of being a mompreneur. The truth of the not-so-rosy side of it, and how in spite of all of that, these women have beautifully managed to balance their work life and their motherhood. The esteemed panelist include Trupti OakNatekar (Co-founder, PATHFINDERS A Parenting Journey), Ms. Geeta Ramakrishna (Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller book ‘The Game of Change’), Shunila Joy Chauhan (Principal of Thakur International School – Cambridge), Dr. Bhavi Mody (Health Evangelist and Homeopathic Specialist), Gayatri Sundaram (Head of Content, KidZania India), and Ms Poonam Wadera was the moderator (MahaVastu Expert. Astro-Numerology & Dowsing Expert)

“I was absolutely delighted to be the part of this esteemed panel discussion which we had today with KidZania and mompreneur circle. It was very exalting experience because my fellow panelist was super and amazing in terms of sheer experience and diversity in career. We got to learn so much because there was a principal, an author, doctor and holistic person. The audience were so open it is very interesting to see that because mother usually don’t ask for help or come out to share her experience,” said Trupti OakNatekar,Co-founder, PATHFINDERS A Parenting Journey.

Gayatri Sundaram, Content Head, KidZania opines, “We had a healthy mix of moms across 3 decades of parenting. But the crux still remains that as a mother you should be guiltless, have some “me” time, ask for help, and be sure to distinguish between professional and personal requirements. Be patient and persistent to achieve both professionally and personally. Of course there will be trade-offs and you need to be welcoming the same rather than fighting to have it all. Learn from your child how to be happy at all times. Nothing is permanent and if you are a mom who feels the guilt, just remember this too shall pass. Just speak it out, and let go of the negative associations. In the end, you have a beautiful family that you are nurturing. And yes, as a mother you are doing a fabulous job, always! Give yourself some credit! You deserve it.”

Ms Geeta Ramakrishnan, ontological coach and Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller book ‘The Game of Change comments, “It was my honour to be a part of KidZania’s panel discussion centered on mom power to celebrate Mother’s day. The panel members were from different stages of motherhood right from mom with married kids (that is me) to mom with an 18 month toddler made an enriching discussion. We spoke about time management, prioritizing ‘Me Time’, learning to say NO, asking for help and about having open conversation and developing trust in our children. All power to KidZania and Mompreneurs for organizing such empowering event.”

Poonam Wadera, MahaVastu Expert. Astro-Numerology & Dowsing Expert adds “Balancing Entrepreneurship & Motherhood was absolutely fabulous event. The key take away for Mompreneurs is that while you strive to be perfect, do accept that sometimes things will go wrong and that is totally ok. Additionally at every step be it professionally or personally, lay the boundary limits of what one can do, cannot do & always reach out for help. Our community at Mompreneur circle encourages women to share their challenges as well as guide and support each other.”

Ms. Shunila Joy Chauhan Principal Thakur International School – Cambridge says, “It was a great learning that helped me to appreciate the balance between the two roles: motherhood and career. Prioritizing, time management and self-care through ”me’ time are the greatest gifts to all mothers juggling between the two worlds.”