Kidzpreneur is committed to help young entrepreneurs and transform the state of Uttar Pradesh

Delhi: The UP government’s unique initiative to create rural entrepreneurs by developing entrepreneurial skills right at the school level has ‘hit the bull’s eye’ witnessing significant participation from students, especially girls.

Two teenage girls, Priya and Himanshi from a remote village in Uttar Pradesh aim to work on social causes surrounding girl safety, child marriage, cleanliness and more such issues that have a significant affect in the day-to-day lives for many.

Priya Nagar, an intermediate student aims to create awareness and educate parents about the issue of child marriage. For this, she wants to promote education for girl children and motivate more young girls to get educated. Further, she expressed her views to make stringent reforms and policies at the government level for educating girls so as to make them self-reliant and confident enough to take their life decisions.

Another 13-year-old girl named Himanshi has a sparkle in her eyes as she chooses to work on her idea to save water after having witnessed several basic issues around daily living. She plans to bring about awareness on these routine problems by getting people together to have an impact on a larger scale and reach out to more people with her idea of holding a rally to create awareness. One of her strategies is also to educate people about water wastage and ways to save water using the ‘Theatre.’

The UP government’s program of ‘creating rural entrepreneurs’ by developing entrepreneurial skills right at the school level has already been a huge success with initial participation of more 3,000 students from public and government schools and another 1000+ students and more than 30 schools being a part of the program in the concluding weeks.

These upcoming rural entrepreneurs are supported by Kidzpreneur in their journey to transform the state of Uttar Pradesh alongside making a big difference to the nation as a whole. The start-up is investing real money with its Kidzpreneur Seed Fund initiative and giving the founders(s) practical exposure with financial freedom to turn their ideas into reality.

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