KIIT College of Education Organized workshop on leading Indian education in global context

Gurugram: KIIT College of Education organized an online workshop on “Leading Indian Education in a Global Context, a Policy Initiative”. The aim of the workshop was to briefly discuss the new education policy. Professors, assistant professors, school teachers and students from different departments of different universities attended the workshop.

Dr. Gagan Gupta Assistant Professor NCERT, State Council of Educational Research and Training Directorate of Education, Delhi Chairman Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Chitragupta Goswami (Retired Subject Specialist SCERT) was present as the guest of the event.

Dr. Gagan Gupta presented the ideas related to middle to secondary level education related to the new education policy 2020. He presented the facts related to multilingualism and skill based education in the new education policy. In the new education policy, he explained about the field of education by connecting fashion, art, computers etc. and he said “New education policy is an educational system that is based on the global context as well as the Indian context. The ultimate objective of this policy is to transform India into a global knowledge and provide Indian students with high quality education opportunities.”

College director Prof M Sen Gupta presented his views on vocational education incorporated in the new education policy, 2020. He said that the new education policy is based on different skills. He enlightened the participants concerning the subject.