KIIT  World  School Holds  Session on Female Health & Hygiene

Gurugram: KIIT World school, Sohna Road hosted a health session concerning female health and hygiene. The health talk mainly targeted discussing menstrual hygiene & disorders, importance of diet with adolescent girls and their mothers. Dr. Suman Bishnoi, Senior Gynaecologist, was the keynote speaker of the event.

During the session, Dr. Suman Bishnoi, discussed how yoga can balance hormones and highlighted issues like PCOD. She said, “Girls and women’s needs for privacy, dignity, safety, and self-respect are congruent with their concerns about sanitation and hygiene. Menstrual health and cleanliness can be de-stigmatized in society via knowledge alone.”

The expert responded to several of the questions the participants had. Exercise, hygiene, and other menstrual-related issues were covered during the programme. The entire session was a success for all girl students, their moms, and teachers who learned a lot.

Principal of KIIT World School, Dr. Neelima Kamrah, said, “In order to emphasise the value of women’s sanitation and wellbeing for the overall welfare of society, academic institutions have a commitment to establish sensitization initiatives. KIIT World School will always support such societal initiatives completely.”