KIIT World School Organized Awareness Programme on Anemia


Gurugram: In collaboration with Medanta- The Medcity Hospital, KIIT World School, Sohna Road conducted a session on “Anemia Mukt Haryana ”. Dr. Shushila Katariaa and Dr. Shubhank Singh were the keynote speaker of the event. The school mainly organized this awareness campaign to educate the community of Bhondsi about the rising number of anaemia patients and to work together to alleviate anaemia.


During the session, doctors put the emphasis on dietary practises, and shared tips to raise their body’s iron levels. Dr. Shushila Kataria said that people who have had an extended period of illness or infection are more likely to acquire anemia. Dr. Shubhank Singh highlighted the common symptoms of anemia, prevention and treatments.  They inspire everyone to get more healthy and physically active. Everyone present there pledged to stop anaemia in recognition of the Fit India Movement initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Principal of KIIT World School, Neelima Kamrah, said, “Anemia has become a common disease these days. If it is not discovered in time, it may emerge in a serious way. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of both its causes and symptoms is crucial. By making some necessary changes, we can defeat this illness.”


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