‘Kill Corona Campaign’ to begin in Madhya Pradesh from July 01

Bhopal : A 15-day “Kill Corona Campaign” will be organized across the state for wide surveillance of Covid-19. The campaign commencing from July 01 will continue till July 15. The government and society will work together in all districts of the state in this campaign of virus control and health awareness.

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed the general public to render their cooperation by imparting important information to survey teams, reaching door to door under the ‘Kill Corona Campaign’. Citizens will also get necessary consultation and treatment in case of symptoms of cold and cough besides dengue, malaria and diarrhea etc. He exhorted to pay attention on social distancing in these works.

A meaningful message will also be conveyed by this unique and major campaign of the country to other states. It may be highlighted that in the video conference of Commissioners-Collectors held six days ago, the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan had directed them to make necessary preparations for the ‘Kill Corona Campaign’. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that he will take a sigh of relief after total eradicating the corona virus. The senior officers of Health, Medical Education and Health Mission of the State Government have made all preparations in short time to undertake this task.

Door to Door survey to be conducted

Under the ‘Kill Corona Campaign’, 11 thousand 458 survey teams will be deployed in the whole state for door to door survey. Non-contact thermometers, pulse oxymeters and essential protective gears will be provided to each survey team.

Entry of suspected patients to be uploaded on ‘Sarthak App’

Moreover, under the ‘Kill Corona Campaign’, besides identifying suspected patients of S.A.R.I./I.L.I, the suspected patients of malaria, dengue, chikungunya will also be identified in the survey and their entry will be uploaded on ‘Sarthak App’. The sampling of covid-19 suspected patients, whose entries are uploaded on Sarthak App, will be done in the area concerned by the mapped A.M.U. After sampling of daily identified suspected patients, testing will be done through R.T.P.C.R. and T.R.U.N.A.T.

More than 3 lakh samples to be taken

More than 3 lakh samples will be taken of the identified suspected patients across the state after S.A.R.I/I.L.I survey. A capacity of 21 thousand tests per day is being developed. Under this, intensive survey will be conducted in 13 districts of the state with average positivity to high positivity rate through R.T.P.C.R. and T.R.U.N.A.T. Instruction of pooled sampling have been given for general surveillance in those 29 districts, where there is less positivity rate as compared to the average positivity rate of the state.

There are 69 T.R.U.N.A.T sites functional in the state with testing facility at district level. The Health department believes that after the Kill Corona Campaign, there is a possibility of increase in test per million from 4022 to 7747 in the state, which is higher than the national average. Similarly, as a consequence of high sampling, the positivity rate of the state will also decline.

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