Kiran Nadar Museum of Art presents new series featuring masters of design

New Delhi: The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art is focused on demystifying art and educating audiences to engage and connect with art at all levels. Always innovative and ground-breaking, the museum continuously looks for ways to engage with wider audiences, and make art a part of everyday life for all. The latest mini-series ‘Art x Design’ seeks to highlight how art can be found everywhere, be it buildings, interiors, objects, and much more. It explores the interconnecting nature of the two fields of art and design.

Through this series, KNMA will speak to some of the leading figures in design including architects, lighting designers, furniture designers, interior designers and more. The conversations will aim to find out how art has influenced their life and their work; their concept of art and how it has shaped the way they express themselves. They will explore how art has inspired design, and design has inspired art, and the people and places that have been significant on their journeys. A common theme is that singular ‘A-ha!’ moment when many realized they wanted to go into the field of design.

Some of the exciting episodes to look forward to will feature Manju Sara Rajan, Gautam and Prateek of Klove, Amit Gupta, Samira Rathore, Ashish Shah X Roshni Vadehra, Meera Pyarelal of Temple Town

Following in the footsteps of the well-received and highly successful ‘Art x Fashion’ series that debuted earlier, this series can be found across KNMA social media platforms. It aims to give audiences a new kind of experience in terms of creativity and truly examine how global and all-encompassing the world of art can be with its far-reaching influence.


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