Kiran Nadar Museum of Art sponsors an I-view world film festival

New Delhi: Showcasing 50+ shorts, documentaries and feature films from South Asia, Canada, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, Turkey/Syria, Iran and

Thailand, the I-View World Film Festival kicks off on International Human Rights Day, Thursday, December 10, 2020, at the DLF CyberHub in Gurgaon, Haryana, with a socially distant red carpet, COVID-conscious screening and intimate panel discussion around Deepa Mehta’s FUNNY BOY, the film Canada has submitted as its official entry for the 2021 Academy Awards. The I-View World Film Festival, powered by Engendered, will launch its virtual presence on the Plexigo mobile app and website.


For the first time the festival line-up includes a Visual Culture section, featuring experimental shorts, art documentaries and video-art works that blur the line between cinema and art. Supported & presented by the Kiran Nadar Musuem of Art (KNMA), British Council, Prince Klaus Fund & Emami Art the curation engages visual artists from around the world to discuss issues of gender, politics, human rights and the power of the moving image to influence change.


“We are happy to be the Presenting Partner for the sixth edition of the film festival I- View world 2020, organized by the Arts and Human Rights Organization, Engendered. Extremely relevant and perfectly timed, this 11-day festival offers cutting-edge content that makes us viewers reflect on pertinent issues including equality of human rights, gender, inclusion, violence, climate change, and ecological distress among others. I congratulate Myna Mukherjee, Founder and Director of Engendered for her vision and her efforts at organizing and facilitating such a platform for collaboration and participation across the globe. I hope the power of films will draw more and more people to engage with the medium, as I believe art, all forms of art help instil empathy, discernment and transformational energy in extraordinary ways,” Founder and Chairperson, Kiran Nadar, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA), India.

Outlining the objectives of the festival, Myna Mukherjee, founder/Director of Engendered said: “The one thing that these extraordinary times have brought is a sense of shared crisis across humanity, and while these times are challenging, there are all kinds of new possibilities that have emerged. We are able to reach out across the globe through these films that are the perfect gateway to open up universal conversations around identity/marginalities, gender/sexuality, climate change/justice, class/caste and oppression/migration in contemporary culture. By utilizing the cinematic lens, we aim

to create global awareness of issues that become heightened in the midst of a global pandemic.”


The Visual Culture Programming:

October Rumbles – I-View World is delighted to offer a virtual screening of remarkable short film by the highly-acclaimed Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul, winner of the Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) and Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. October Rumbles is a poignant response to this time of global crisis, and is accompanied by Apitchatpong’s writing; it focuses on three ideas: rain and regeneration, empathy and politics and Buddhism in a time of crisis. A series of 5 other short films (Monsoon, Luminous People, Nimit, Blue & A Letter to Uncle Boonmee) by Apichatpong will have a physical screening in Jan 2021 as an extension of the same program.


CAN ART STOP A BULLET? William Kelly’s Big Picture – Throughout his life, internationally renowned artist and human rights activist William Kelly has suspected that art has a profound ability to break through the vicious rage, that narrows minds, to create calming insights. Through the voices of 26 of the world’s most socially engaged artists and thinkers, the documentary explores these questions in the search for an alternative path for humanity. Produced by winner of more than 44 awards, filmmaker Fiona Cochrane and directed by Mark Street, it is an award-winning peace film at New York Festivals and in the Houston International Film Festival.

WE ARE HERE – A series of artist film programmes, investigates how some of the UK’s most outstanding emerging and established contemporary artists disrupt old narratives and encourage new global discussions on topics such as climate change, national identity, marginality, intimacy, community and the future of the city. I View World will show a selection from amongst these films. The selection called RADICAL INTIMACIES investigate the role of gender and sexual identities in a social, political, and cultural moment that has seen the momentous erosion of hard-won rights and the value of freely expressing difference. Presented in the programme are various intergenerational perspectives that affirm lives lived outside the norm and celebrate all that has been made possible by those before us.


Half A Life Tamara Shogaolu’s, short film part of the MOMA DocFortnight is a timely story of activism and hope.

The Threshold For Whiteness, is by an experimental short by Iranian artist, Babak Haghi, exploring masculinities in Iranian culture via visual poetry.


*I-View World’s 2020 programming, which includes premiere screenings, industry panels, in-depth discussions and debates, will be available exclusively on Plexigo, an OTT platform created by UFO Worldwide, from December 10, 2020 to January 24, 2021.

All screenings and panel discussions will be FREE and available to cinephiles all over India. For the complete festival lineup, trailers, synopses and images, please visit



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