Kirloskar and CNN embark on the 14th year of partnership with a renewed focus on sustainability and green issues

New Delhi: Building on continuous success over the last 14 years, Kirloskar, India’s leading multi-engineering conglomerate, is again partnering with CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) to sponsor CNN’s ‘Going Green’ as part of a campaign that highlights a strong commitment towards a greener future.

The long-standing partnership centres around Kirloskar being the exclusive sponsor of ‘Going Green’, a show that explores green technology solutions for a sustainable future. The campaign has, through the years, reached over 700 million environmentally conscious viewers and more than 270 million business decision-makers around the globe to create awareness around sustainability and green innovations.*

This year’s advertising and sponsorship campaign with Kirloskar includes two ‘Going Green’ shows which will air on CNN International in July and November with a focus on green innovations and changemakers who are finding solutions to some of our biggest environmental challenges. In addition, Kirloskar is also sponsoring a range of digital content focused on the green agenda available across CNN’s digital and social platforms.


Rob Bradley, Senior Vice President, CNN International Commercial, said “Sustainability is a key priority for us, and CNN’s powerful journalism has been illustrating as well as empowering green initiatives for over four decades. We are delighted to reaffirm our long-standing partnership with Kirloskar to engage global audiences to inspire action towards a sustainable future. Going Green is an enduring initiative that we at CNN are truly proud of and it is our pleasure to partner with Kirloskar, which has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and protecting our planet for the future.”


Madhav Chandrachud, President, Kirloskar Proprietary Limited, said “Kirloskar has been instrumental in driving conversations around an eco-conscious lifestyle since the beginning. In CNN, as our partner of 14 years, we have found a global media leader that upholds the same values as Kirloskar, which is a demonstration of our commitment to remain aligned with compelling stories that enable people to visualize the sustainability revolution.”


As the leaders of tomorrow take their place today, CNN highlights young Gen Z heroes and their green ideas in the July episode of ‘Going Green’.