KJSIEIT, The only Mumbai Engineering College in the top 10 at Robocon 2017, a National Robotics Contest


Mumbai : K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, KJSIEIT ranks 9th in National Robotics Contest, amongst 113 teams from across the country

14 Students worked on various aspects of building the Robot i.e Mechanical, Electronics and Programming. The Mechanical team create and design the structure of bot such as the throwing mechanism, projectile mechanism, chassis of bots. Electronics team and programming team worked on the control of mechanical structure, and providing brain to entire system. Working on this year’s challenge of creating and manoeuvring a BOT to knock out a Beach ball located on the table and then land a disc on seven tables located at different distance with varying heights on the table.

On the occasion, Principal, Dr Suresh Ukrande said, “Robocon is a national level robot competition that serves an excellent platform that offers young engineers and their mentors a platform to innovate and excel in creative thinking in the field of ROBOTICS. It is a feeling of great pride the see our students work so hard and then devour the fruits of success. Such a remarkable achievement is only possible through student’s hard work and toil; the project also promoted leadership, problem-solving skills as well as engineering and business skills throughout the entire process of designing and building. I congratulate the students and wish them the best for many such achievements in the future”

The team demonstrated its expertise with their ability to make the BOT economical as well as with good aesthetics. A robust design that did not need repairs or maintenance during the 5 day event. The electronic circuits were designed intelligently, with minimum wiring and a single printed circuit board.

Student Team Leader Pradeepkumar Choudhary said “My journey with ROBOCON KJSIEIT started back in 2014, since then I have been an integral part of a team which has developed my technical and managerial skills to a great extent. Here I learnt to cope up with working and delivering on problem statement in a given time span. Students working in the team have extra edge over their colleagues because apart from technical knowledge they develop skill of working with synergy in team. Overall my time has been great in ROBOCON and it was experience I will always cherish”.

Assistant Prof. Mr Prashant Upadhyay added :“As a team our aim is to fabricate a Robot exactly as specified by the theme of the competition. We first participated in the competition in 2013 and since then the Robocon team has grown tremendously. Our dream is to be the winner of this competition and win many other awards and recognitions”.