KKEL conduct survey on parents expectations on school resumption post lockdown

New Delhi: Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) conducts a survey with their brand Billabong High International Schools (BHIS) & Kangaroo Kids International Preschools (KK center) parents. The respondents in the survey were 973 parents from . The objective of the survey was to get feedback on the virtual schooling program and parents expectations on school resumption post lockdown.

Out of 973, the 69% parents showed satisfaction towards virtual schooling, 5% were unsatisfied and 1% extremely unsatisfied, whereas 20% were neutral and 5% were other.

When asked in a survey what would they like school to add to the virtual schooling program to enhance the learning experience for their children? There were many suggestions from parents like make virtual classes more interactive, slow the pace of teaching, too many kids at one time, online tests to be added for evaluation, review concepts taught once a week, sessions should be shorter. There are such 72 suggestions given by the parents to school.

The parents have also requested schools to enforce virtual meeting etiquette and punitive action against students willfully disrupting the class. Introduce 5-10mins of eye/hand exercise for children to help cope with screen time better.

The other interesting part of the survey was when the parents were asked when they would like to send their child to school once the green signal comes from the government.

Only 21% parents said they would like to send their child to school immediately. Whereas, 72% said they would wait for a week and then send, 88% wait for a few weeks and then decide, 49% would be hesitant to send a child to school and 63% want virtual schooling to continue even after school reopens.

Parents when asked to rank top 5 precautions that school should take once it reopens. They were hygiene & sanitization, social distancing, schooling structure be such that overcrowding is eliminated, precautionary measures like thermal screening, alternate day schooling etc.

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