KKEL students became Santa, spread joy with unprivileged kids this christmas


Mumbai: The students of BHIS and KK from all the four schools and preschools in the city began with their Christmas celebration from 14 December. Students decided to spread the joy by celebrating Christmas with kids from Angel Express – an NGO working for the unprivileged. The Christmas atmosphere was beautifully created with decorations across all campuses with Christmas trees, bells, balloons and buntings.

The celebrations were held in Bandra, Santacruz, Malad and Nesco centers with Angel Express kids. The program started with Christmas carols followed by Christmas dance performances by students. To mark the occasion, kids were involved in various activities like art and games. Around 250 kids associated with Angel Express visited and spent their day at BHIS and Kangaroo Kids schools across all four centers spread across the city. They organized fun sessions involving sandwich making and serving, games, and storytelling through puppets show for their guests. The students also bought gifts for the kids

About Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL)

KKEL, the pioneers in new format schooling and learning methodology, has initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre-school and high school education in India. Starting with a single Kangaroo Kids preschool in 1993 and Billabong High International School in 2003, today, KKEL’s revolutionary model of education is imparted at over 55 cities across India, Dubai, Qatar, Nepal, and Maldives. Our founder Lina Ashar has been instrumental in leading this initiative to provide quality education to children by bringing together global best practices.

Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International Schools have pioneered a unique proprietary pedagogical model that has been developed over 26 years with more than 150,000 man-hours spent on the research and design which is based on contemporary education research, neuroscience, and energy science. KKEL

Brands of KKEL

• The Kangaroo Kids Club –Toddler Program

• Kangaroo Kids International Preschool (Kangaroo Kids)

• Billabong High International School (BHIS)

• Kangaroo Kids Institute for Teachers Training Development and Research (KITDR)

The Kangaroo Kids Club –Toddler Program

Kangaroo Kids Club facilitates action-based learning in a fun-filled environment. The sessions are specially designed to encourage the exploratory side in toddlers and provide multisensory stimulation through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (touch-based) programmes. Each session is carefully monitored to maintain safety standards and to allow individual toddlers to achieve their maximum potential. KKEL is among the first in India to offer a Mother-Toddler interactive programme.

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool

Kangaroo Kids has 100+ centres and is present in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad and all other major cities in India. With more than Action-based learning is elevated to the next stage using innovative teaching methods. Kangaroo Kids Preschool is recognised by mainstream schools as an institution that produces confident, creative and eager learners. The unique programme is a new concept in learning and incorporates path-breaking brain research.

Billabong High International School

Billabong High International School came up as a step forward in the journey to fire the imagination of children in 2003; we now have 35 schools in India and Maldives. Its goal is to create high interest and rewarding learning experiences that will stay with children for the rest of their lives. Giving a purpose to learning and allowing children to be thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers will result in natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills, and thinking.

Billabong High International School offers the ICSE, IGCSE and CBSE boards, from preschool through Grade 12

KITDR (Kangaroo Kids Institute for Teachers Training Development and Research)

With a yawning gap felt by trainee teachers and educators between the content offered in teacher training courses and the demands of a real-life classroom, KKEL embarked on a unique journey in 2004 – to impart teacher training that would be on an even keel with the standards followed at international levels, keeping in mind our path-breaking, learner-centric approach. KITDR (Kangaroo Kids Institute for Teacher Development and Research) was instituted to:

• Provide quality programmes that would harness the potential of learners and prepare them to face the challenges of a dynamic educational environment.

• Develop confident teachers who would prepare children to handle dynamic situations in different contexts.

• Help the teachers build a stimulating, satisfying and successful career in early years education.

• Develop not just teachers, but leaders in education.

The entry Qualification is a Masters in Human Development / Child Development with a minimum of 5 years of experience in preschool setups, and there is 1 trainer for every 15 students in our KITDR centres. Today, we have 7 centres across 4 cities in India.