KLAY Preschools And Daycare Brings The Excellence Of Finnish Early Years Education To India Through Its New Teacher Training Program


New Delhi: The Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development (IECED) by KLAY, in collaboration with Finland International Education (FINE), announces the launch of its new teacher training program for the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) sector in India. Titled, ‘International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education’, the course aims to introduce the best of Finland’s early childhood education pedagogy to India that would cater to the learning needs of children in the new world order.


In the context of new skills in demand for the post-COVID world and with the National Education Policy 2020 highlighting the significance of upskilling of teachers especially in the ECCE and primary levels, the course looks at promoting lifelong learning and imparting crucial life skills. An exclusively online course, this program gives participants valuable tools and the technical know-how to meet the challenges of today’s early years education system and provides the opportunity to learn Finland’s early years best practices while sitting in the comfort of their homes.


Speaking of the collaboration, AK Srikanth – CEO, KLAY Schools and Daycare said, “We are extremely delighted to pave way for ‘international exposure’ for our new-age teachers via our partnership with Finland International Education (FINE). This is one of the many initiatives in the near future, around our vision of providing an environment where children are trained to develop lifelong skills in addition to conceptual learning. The program takes a grassroots approach of equipping a new breed of teachers with the right methodology to nurture productive, lifelong learners and bring a shift in the way will be taught in the future. We also believe that this is a big stepping stone for existing and aspiring teachers to skill/upskill themselves and we hope mothers entering/returning to the workforce can leverage this program to bolster their careers”


“This agreement is yet another important step in the area of teacher training for Early Childhood Education and Care development in India. The pandemic has created a huge need to collaborate internationally on online Teacher Training initiatives. We are very excited that the collaboration in India soon will start” Johan Storgård, CEO at Finland International Education joyfully explains.




The Finnish Early Childhood Education system is world-renowned and dates back to the late 19th century. In addition to KLAY’s pedagogy, this new program will incorporate the Finnish National Core Curriculum, where early childhood education and care is seen as an entity comprising three areas: education, teaching and care. The trainees are encouraged to focus on:

● Learning areas to help children develop not only subject specific skills, but also their comprehensive competences and skills needed in life

● They are urged to focus on identifying and utilizing character strengths and promoting positive self-esteem among children via the positive pedagogy methodology

● The training program will also give the teachers an insight of how to develop cognitive skills through art, music and play, take lessons from every situation and activity and promote inclusivity and acceptance among children through optimum participation.


“The learning period between the ages 0 and 6 years is extremely crucial especially for the development of cognitive skills in children. They learn to think, communicate, and solve problems as they are slowly exposed to the outside world. Thus, it is important to recognize the right way to mould a child’s thought process towards enjoying the process vs. competing with other children. The Finnish Education System in its unique way focuses on the nurturing and development of individual skills of children, focusing on their areas of interest.


Additionally, this is our effort to bridge the demand vs supply gap that currently exists in the ECCE sector, solve some of the toughest challenges we are facing in the current education system owing to the pandemic and bring quality teaching in India by bringing best practices from the world.” Meghna Yadav, Head Training and Development, KLAY said.


The International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education is a 25 weeks online program where the Finnish faculty and trainers from KLAY’s Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development (IECED) will collaborate and conduct live classes for students on an online-only format. The participants learn about early childhood development and early years’ education both at the theoretical and practical level. The course will end with an online exam and certification is jointly provided by KLAY and FINE.

The first batch begins on 2nd December 2020 and is available at an introductory discount. Last date to register for the first batch is 27th November. For more details, please visit Link to the brochure or contact 7349737682, email – jananee.g@klayschools.com