KLF Bhava Samvad organised a webinar on ‘The Pheonix Rises- Lockdown Chronicles’

New Delhi: On Wednesday 16 July, 2020, KLF Bhava Samvad organised a webinar on ‘The Pheonix Rises- Lockdown Chronicles’.

The panel hosted litterateur, former consultant, teacher & examiner for IBO Jayshree Misra Tripathi, Writer, Former Diplomat and Educator Amit Dasgupta, Columnist, social activist, media personality, and writer Mousumi Sengupta, Poet, artist, teacher Randhir Khare, and Founder and Publisher of Wisdom Tree Shobit Arya.

As Amit Dasgupta puts it, pandemic is an extraordinary experience for people. “It is quite unbelievable that the world is experiencing the single largest lockdown ever happened in the global history. We don’t know for how long this will continue. But the world of January 2020 is quite different from the world we are in now.
“The worries are prevailing due to the suddenness of the uncertainty. Amongst the worries of family and the fear of what’s going to happen, the biggest escape I could feel is in writing,” says Jayshree Misra Tripathi.
However, the environment is not the same for all the writers. Some adapt themselves into a different zone in order to pen their thoughts. Speaking about it Randhir Khare says, ” I have a peculiar writing habit. I steal time amidst activities for my writing. If you ask me to write in solitude, I will come out with nothing.”
Not only the pandemic, but world has been battling with several sufferings. Bringing it into picture, Mousumi Sengupta says, “While the entire world is going through a tough time, I decided to indulge myself in literature, in writing so that I could be able to help people around me. And that’s how it came out to be.”
Throwing light on the role of publishers and publishing houses, Shobit Arya says, “I categorise books in two parts. Ones, that you publish for obvious reasons, and others that need to be published. If the context speaks about the need of the hour, then a publisher should serve it to readers.

KLF Bhava Samvad is a small step to regenerate the literary spirit at the time of disillusionment and new normal.

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