KNMA explores often overlooked art form in new series ‘Art Meets Street’

New Delhi:After two successful series exploring the various intersections of art and related fields, the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art now looks to explore the realm of public art. An increasingly popular art form that is slowly finding its footing in India, this new series titled ‘Art Meets Street’, premiering on February 4, 2020 seeks to engage with a diverse group of street artists and explore the creative process and individual stories associated with it.

The idea behind this series is to build on personal expression that evolves into a cultural representation of a city or time in the public space. To explore the interaction between the artwork and the people who grow up around it, pass it on their way to commute, or see it just once. How do these interactions impact the thought process and the collective consciousness? Public art in a way embodies the democratisation of art in society, as an alternative to art in galleries or private collections. Hosted by renowned interior designer Vinita Chaitanya, the series aims to recognize the power of rebellion, activism and the simple expression of public art with some of India’s leading street artists such as Shilo Shiv Suleman, Hanif Qureshi, Anpu Varkey, Do & Khatra and Kiran Mahajan

Following in the footsteps of the well-received and highly successful ‘Art x Fashion’ and ‘Art x Design’ series that debuted earlier, this series can be found across KNMA social media platforms. It aims to give audiences an insight into a new kind of art and societal interactions within this realm.



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