KNMA introduces new Game Craft series on its digital platforms

New Delhi: With schools and offices still mostly virtual, and with many people opting to continue staying at home, the uptick in digital activities continues. Home crafting workshops are gaining popularity and attracting not just children but also young adults who are looking to stay busy and enjoy perfecting new skills. Keeping this in mind, KNMA continues to innovate and find new and interesting topics to explore and engage with audiences of all ages.

This time around with the ‘Game Craft’ series, it is a trip down memory lane with DIY videos to craft your own classic hand held games. The series includes episodes that covermaking a Skywheel, Marble Labyrinth, Foosball or Table Soccer box and a Mini Mario game. The materials needed are kept simple and tend to be easily available, so anybody can join in. The series kicked off on February 3, 2021 and will be screen every Wednesday until February 24, 2021. You can view the episodes across social media platforms including the KNMA website, Facebook page, Instagram page and YouTube page.



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