KNMA’s ‘City as Museum’ programme offers curated walks across Delhi-NCR led by experts and practitioners from the arts.

New Delhi : The ‘City as Museum’ programme of curated walks will locate and bring into discourse specific zones of engagement in Delhi and the National Capital Region, to begin with that have served as a repository of local history and creative inspiration to a community of individual artists. The programme reimagines the city as a museum with a life of its own and its visitor as the flaneur, a mindful passer-by.

The first walk, ‘The City of Stars’ explores the alleyways of Nizammudin led photographer Chandan Gomes.

“Brimming with history and culture, the alleyways of Nizamuddin Basti are worth getting lost in. Ghalib lies here. It is where love, faith and chance meet. Music brought me to this neighbourhood and I couldn’t leave thereafter. The walk will offer a glimpse into this gem of a neighbourhood, its people, artists, sights and sounds.”

Click the link to purchase a ticket:

When: Friday, 08 April, 2022
Ticket price: ₹450

Limited slots only! Participation through registration and prior payment only.

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