Korea Maritime & Ocean University: 2022 Summer Anchor-G overseas short-term language trainees depart

Overseas short-term language trainees, conducted as part of the Anchor-G ( Global Training ) among the 2022 university innovation support projects , departed for the first time since the outbreak of Corona 19 on the 3rd , to Bacolod, Philippines .

This training will be held for 4 weeks until July 29 at West Negros University in Bacolod , Philippines . A total of 30 trainees from the university have participated , and they plan to improve their skills through one-on-one classes with excellent local instructors in the four areas of English speaking , writing , reading and listening at West Negros University .

In addition, they plan to complete various global education programs to communicate with local people and respect each other’s culture through various outdoor activities such as marine leisure sports experience and marine protection activities .

Lim Seon-young, head of the International Exchange Division, said, ” I am delighted to be able to send short-term language training to an excellent overseas university again while overcoming COVID – 19 .