Korea Maritime & Ocean University: College of Maritime Affairs held the award ceremony for the onboard practice handwriting contest

The College of Maritime Affairs ( Dean Yoo – Taek Kim ) held the “2022 Semester Boarding Practice Handwriting Contest Awards Ceremony ” at the KSA Lounge on the 1st floor of the Maritime College Building on the 27th and held an awards ceremony for 10 winners .

This contest, which was conducted as one of the ‘ Scholarships to Make Boarding Charming ‘ sponsored by Jang Geum Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. ( Chairman Tae -soon Jeong ) , aims to inspire positive awareness of the shipping industry and to continuously supply marine experts . It has been conducted every semester since the second semester of last year , and it is open to all students of Janggeum Merchant Marine training as well as prehistoric students .

The event was attended by major internal and external officials including Kim Yoo-taek, dean of the Maritime College , Lee Sang-il, director of the Haegi Education Center, and Lee Seong-su, managing director of Busan Branch of Busan Branch . Some of the winners, including Kim Jae-woo, a student in the Department of Institutional Systems Engineering, also attended the event .

Prior to the award, students wrote and submitted a handbook of experiences related to onboard practice, and the College of Maritime Affairs selected the winning works according to the screening criteria . A total of 10 works were selected in this way , and awards and a total of 17.6 million won in scholarships were delivered to the winners .

Student Jae-Woo Kim, who received the grand prize, said, “ I hope it will be an opportunity for juniors to safely jump over the high wall of boarding . ” Lee Seong-su, Managing Director of Jang Geum Merchant Seon , replied , “ Congratulations to all the award-winning students , and we will do our best to produce excellent talents . ”

The College of Maritime Affairs plans to continuously organize events such as a boarding practice handwriting contest to nurture excellent sailors and promote long-term boarding .

Kim Yoo- taek, dean of the Maritime College, said , “ I would like to express my deep gratitude to Jang Geum Merchant Marine Chairman Jeong Tae-soon and the following officials for supporting students for a good cause .