Korea Maritime & Ocean University: Graduate School of Maritime Finance, Korea’s first STO-applied ship finance business agreement


Ships using STO ( Security Tokenization ) by Graduate School of Maritime Finance ( President Ki -Hwan Lee ) together with Bicel Standard , KDB Infrastructure Asset Management , and NH Investment & Securities , the first in-kind piece investment platform ‘PIECE’ in Korea Signed a financial business agreement (MOU) .

Piece investment refers to a new investment method in which the ownership of scarce spot assets is distributed like pieces and a profit can be obtained in the future according to the fractional ownership ratio .

At the signing ceremony held at the NH Investment & Securities headquarters in Yeouido on the 8th , Shin Beom-jun, CEO of Bycell Standard , Jeon Jun-hyung , head of KDB Infrastructure Asset Management ‘s Overseas Business Division , Jung- rak Jung, CEO of WM Digital , NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. , and Lee Ki-hwan, president of the Graduate School of Maritime Finance, Korea Maritime University etc. were in attendance .

The goal of this MOU is to create a public offering fund through a piece investment method using a blockchain-based security token (STO) for the first time in the industry in the ship finance field, where private investment is difficult .

Ship finance is a financial service provided by financial institutions to shipping companies and shipbuilders for ship transactions such as building , buying , and leasing ships . A characteristic of ship finance is that it is a typical type of ‘ asset-based financing ‘ in which the target asset is provided as collateral . Since the operation of a ship requires a large amount of money, financing is inevitably accompanied .

Under the agreement, the agreement bodies will work together to create a fund that makes it easier for the public to invest in ships with small amounts . In particular, the contracting institutions agreed to apply for the innovative financial service for ship finance using piece investment and blockchain-based security token (STO) .

Innovative financial service is the first attempt to apply piece investment and security token (STO) to ship finance, and if selected , it is expected to contribute to the overall ship finance and shipping industry . Furthermore , it is expected to expand the horizon of investment by providing new investment opportunities to small investors through easy , convenient and safe investment techniques using IT financial techniques .

Through this agreement, Korea Maritime University’s Graduate School of Maritime Finance will be in charge of advising on the overall innovative ship finance structure and introduction . Bicell Standard Co. , Ltd. oversees the consortium and is in charge of investor recruitment and securities distribution . KDB Infrastructure Asset Management Co. , Ltd. examines and operates funds for ships and issues securities . NH Investment & Securities Co. , Ltd. serves as a trustee and account manager .

Beom-Jun Shin, CEO of Bicell Standard Co. , Ltd. , said, “ We are delighted to be working with leading domestic institutions to try innovative ship finance through piece investment and security tokens (STO) . ” We will continue to work hard to make it easier for all Koreans to invest and participate in the alternative investment sector, which was once reserved for institutional investors, ” he said .

Bycell Standard Co. , Ltd. includes TIPS , a private investment-led technology startup support program of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups , KB Starters , a financial sector accelerating program , Shinhan Futures Lab , Hana OneQ Agile Lab , Credit Guarantee Fund OPEN NEST 200, K- It is an excellent start-up that has been selected simultaneously by GLOBAL and as First Penguin by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund .

Ki-hwan Lee, Dean of Korea Maritime University’s Graduate School of Maritime Finance, said, ” In order to expand the base of Korea’s maritime finance and develop the shipping industry, the participation of the private sector should be activated . ” It will contribute to the convergence development of finance ” he said .

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