Korea Maritime & Ocean University: LINC 3.0·Corporate Collaboration Center held ‘Together Sea LINC 3.0 Ocean Week’


The LINC 3.0 Project Group ( Chairman Gap -Soo Kyung ) and the Corporate Collaboration Center ( Chairman Hyo-Je Cho ) will hold ‘ Together Sea LINC 3.0 Ocean Week’ through industry-university-research sharing and collaboration with members of the university , local industries , research institutes , and local governments from the 22nd to the 9th . It runs until the 7th of the month .

At this event, a total of 16 programs in the fields of nurturing talent (Education), technology development and commercialization (Technology), and sharing and collaboration (Collaboration) will be intensively promoted to realize ‘Ocean ETC’ , the representative brand of the LINC 3.0 business .

On the 30th , one of the main events, the ‘ Eco – friendly Smart K- Shipbuilding Industry Future Strategy Forum ‘ , will be held on the first floor of the BEXCO Convention Hall in Busan . This forum will focus on presentation sessions and panel discussions on technology development trends and strategies for eco-friendly and smart ships and equipment .

LINC 3.0 Project Group · Next Generation Ship ICC, Ship & Offshore Plant Research Institute , Eco-friendly Ship Lifecycle Innovation Technology Development Project Integrated Project Group , Busan Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Cooperative , and Bu / Ul / Gyeong Regional Project Evaluation Team jointly hosted and supervised .

In addition, during the event period, the launching ceremony of the maritime industry convergence ICC council , certification and commercialization of eco – friendly ship incumbent training and business agreements are scheduled . Various events are scheduled to take place , such as a briefing session on equipment owned , ▲ technology matching road show for local industry (8/31, Westin Chosun Hotel, Busan ) ▲ a briefing on commercialization of new marine technology in connection with the Busan Smart Ocean Technology Exhibition (9/7, BPEX) .

As a program for current students , the ‘3 People , 3 Colors Talk Concert ‘ will be held at the Eurasia Platform at Busan Station on the 26th . This event, co-hosted by the LINC 3.0 Project Group , Pukyong National University , and the Busan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation , will be attended by three industry-university startup experts and a start-up talk concert under the theme of ‘ What is Entrepreneurship ? ‘

In addition, on the 30th of this month , a field practice ‘ Standby Chronic Day ‘ will be held in the auditorium on the 2nd floor of the Academic-Industrial Hub Building . Atmospheric chronicity ( successful when university and company meet ) Day plans to open a meeting place between industry and students to improve field practice by listening to difficulties . On the 31st , the ‘2022 First Half Capstone Contest ‘ will be held in the auditorium on the second floor of the Industry-University Hub Building in collaboration with the Engineering Education Innovation Center, and a total of 37 works will be exhibited through preliminary rounds .

Other ▲ Sangsangi Room Maker Education (August 23-24 ) ▲ CEO- Student Employment Mentoring (August 26 ) ▲ Ocean ETC Idea Tone Contest ( August 26-27 , 2 Days Stay ) ▲ LINC 3.0 Experience Day (September 1 ) ▲ Various events are being prepared for current students, such as the University Alliance Embedded Creative Robot Challenge ( September 1 – 2 ) .

Gapsu Gyeong, Head of the LINC 3.0 Project Group, said, “ Through this ‘ Together Sea LINC 3.0 Ocean Week’ event, members of the university , local industries, and related institutions are encouraged to discuss the industry-university-research cooperation strategy and direction for the win-win development of the LINC 3.0 project and the ICC specialized center in the local community. We will strive to create and spread business outcomes by forming a consensus and inducing voluntary participation . ”

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