Korea Maritime & Ocean University: Modern and Contemporary Korean Seafarers’ Basic Research Team, joint summer seminar with the Korean Maritime Law Society


The Basic Research Team for Modern and Contemporary Korean Sailors held the “2022 Korean Maritime Law Society – Korea Maritime University’s Modern and Contemporary Korean Seafarers’ Basic Research Team Joint Summer Seminar ” on the 23rd at the Commodore Hotel in Busan with the support of the Korea Maritime Foundation and the National Research Foundation .

This seminar, which was held under the main theme of ‘ Humanities and Social Sciences Approach to Korean Seafarers ‘ , was ▲ Review of the adequacy of punitive and statutory sentences for seafarers under the Maritime Act ▲ Improvement of the Seafarer Labor Inspectorate System to improve the human rights and working conditions of seafarers ▲ Improving the shipwreck of the Joseon Dynasty Flights and the status of seafarers ▲ Presentations and discussions were held on individual topics such as 60 years of seafarers’ overseas expansion , performance evaluation, and search for treatment options .

This seminar is meaningful in that it approached Korean seafarers from various angles and exchanged opinions among related parties to identify and resolve related issues . In particular , in the discussion on ‘ examination of the adequacy of punitive statutory punishment for seafarers under the Maritime Act ‘ , problems with the provisions of the Seafarers’ Penalty Regulations for violating duties under the Seafarers Act and the Ship Safety Act and ways to improve them were sought .

In addition , in the discussion under the theme of ’60 years of overseas expansion of seafarers, performance evaluation and search for courtesy measures’, “ The sea as a living space and quietly contributing to the national economic development will be highlighted and their contribution will be reflected socially. It is the responsibility of our society to run projects that can be shared, and it is the least respectful of their hard work . ”

Meanwhile, the seminar was attended by major officials from related institutions, including President Doe Do-hee, President of the Korean Maritime Law Association , Seong-hwa Hong, and President of the Korea Maritime Association, Kwon-hee Lee .

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