Korea Maritime & Ocean University: Scholarship delivery ceremony held for Future Shipbuilding Excellent Talent Fostering Support Group

On the 15th, our university held a scholarship delivery ceremony for the “ Future Vessel Excellent Talent Fostering Supporters ” in the auditorium of the Industry-University Hub, and delivered scholarships to all first – year students (58 students ) of the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security . The total amount of scholarships delivered on this day alone is about 100 million won .

The Future Vessel Talent Development Support Association is a support organization established by a number of related organizations in the maritime industry in September last year . The main purpose of this year is to nurture outstanding talents in the marine field of the future by providing special scholarships to students of the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security, which was established this year , and creating high-quality educational conditions .

The scholarship delivery ceremony was attended by major figures from organizations participating in the Future Vessel Talent Fostering Support Group, led by President Doh Do-hee . Students and parents of the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security also attended this event .

The event started with the opening ceremony, announcement of the development plan for the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security delivery of scholarships and scholarship certificates, thank you from the student representative , congratulatory speech , and the closing ceremony .

In particular, at this event, Jeongbin Lim, Dean of the Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security, announced the department’s long-term development plan, which contains a blueprint for nurturing future talents . Through this, a detailed operational plan including the prospects of the Faculty was delivered .

The Department of Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Security is a department established to meet the needs of experts in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in response to the advent of the 4th industrial revolution and cutting-edge ships . It is known as the first artificial intelligence and cybersecurity-related convergence department in the maritime field .

The goal of the department is to train creative mariners who will be in charge of the operation and management of ships that incorporate artificial intelligence and cybersecurity technologies . In the future, it is expected that ‘ artificial intelligence and cyber security experts ‘ specialized in information protection in autonomous navigation ships and shipping and maritime fields will be produced .

In addition, in the case of this undergraduate student, all the first-year students and half of the second- to fourth-year students receive full scholarships thanks to professional training in related fields as well as continuous support from the Future Vessel Talent Fostering Supporters Association .

Our university will continue to do our best to nurture talented people in the future ship field. In particular, it plans to continuously operate scholarship organizations such as the Future Vessel Talent Fostering Support Association to continuously produce future-oriented talents to prepare for the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

▲ President Doe Do-hee is delivering the scholarship certificate .

President Doh Doe-hee said, “ The future society and industry will all be composed of hyper-connected digital devices . In particular , as the smart and automation of ships proceeds at a very fast pace, the professional manpower produced in connection with this will play a leading role in national industry and security. I am deeply grateful and feel an infinite sense of responsibility . ”

Meanwhile, the Korea Shipping Association , Korea Register of Shipping , Hyundai Heavy Industries , Korea Ship Management Industry Association , Korea Pilots Association , Korea Tugboat Cooperative , Orange Security Co., Ltd., Hansung & Kitek Co. , Ltd., HMM Co., Ltd. , Busan Port Terminal Co. , Ltd., Korea Marine Engineers Association , Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Research Institute, etc. participate .